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About Us

Phulson-Malhar is a leading Coolant Pumps Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

We are pleased to inform you that now  we are part of well known FAIRDEAL group of  Ahmedabad , a makers of very well known brand MALHAR PUMP .

Now our new company ” PHULSONS-MALHAR”  is a joint venture of  PHULSONS ,Rajpura ,Punjab  and Creative engineers of Ahmedabad ,Gujarat .

Phulsons-Malhar will now make coolant pumps at Ahmedabad factory . All technology is given by “PHULSONS” for manufacturing and testing of pump .All dimensions, technical specifications  and performance will remain same .. At present cost of pump will also remain same .

We assured you very prompt delivery , perfect product and satisfactory service any time..
only brand name will be Phulsons-malhar  instead of Phulsons .
Our group has approx 138 dealers all over India which are very well known about all type of pumps ,so we are very confident to give you immediate service of product .

As a manufacturer of various type of pumps , we are also able to provide you different type of coolant pumps as under 

1.  standard coolant pumps 
2.  coolant pumps with DC motor 
3.  coolant pumps with flame proof motor 
4.  coolant pumps with CE and UL Mark motor 
5.  custom built coolant pumps for different lengths .
6.  very high discharge pumps 
7.  very high head pump / high pressure pumps 
8.  pumps in special material like stainless steel , bronze , PP , alloy 20 etc 
9.  multistage coolant pumps
10. coolant pump without stem 
11. coolant pump for oil ( gear type )
12. submersible coolant pumps

we request you to make add us in your vendor’s list and start placing an order to us . 
please note  that all material will be send/invoice by us after 1st October .

we also plan to give our regular dealer address on our  new website so our customer can very easily locate you . so please send your full  address , contact nos , mobile nos and email id to us which you want to put on our website and also on our literature .

our senior sales person will also come and meet you in near future 

you are also able to get very wide range of pump, motors and flow-meters from our  group companies ,which you can see on and

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Phulson-Malhar is a leading Coolant Pumps Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

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